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24 Hour Emergency Call Out

Brighton Fire Alarms Limited provides to all maintenance contract clients the benefit of a 24 hour Emergency Call Out Service, operational 365 days per year. This service is operated by our highly trained engineers who have the added advantage of experience of the properties under contract through the service agreements.

Do's and Don'ts for the Fire Alarm System:

If the fire alarm sounds and/or panel shows a RED FIRE FAULT LIGHT you should immediately check whether or not a fire exists on the zone indicated on the Fire Alarm Panel, but not if this involves personal risk. If in doubt call the Fire Brigade on 999, then call Brighton Fire Alarms Limited Emergency Call Out Service on 01273 279000 and/or the property managers. Please keep a record of all events in the log book.

If you burn toast and the alarm activates, the detector activated will show a red light. Clear the smoke, silence and reset the fire alarm panel following the procedure stated at the panel. Where a genuine false alarm is established, it is not then appropriate to summon the emergency services or the system maintenance engineers. The detector in the kitchen is normally a heat detector and will not be affected by steam or smoke.

When cooking, close the kitchen door and open the window or use the extractor fan to disperse the steam. If you leave the door open the steam can set off the smoke detector located in another part of your flat.

If showering, do not leave the bathroom door open as steam can permeate into the other rooms and set off the smoke alarm. Wherever possible, have the window open or a ventilator operating to disperse the steam prior to vacating the bathroom.

If decorating, dust can also set off the system. Cover the detectors temporarily making sure to remove the cover when dust has settled to enable fire cover to be restored.

Break Glass Call Points are usually located in the public ways. Should a glass be broken, it will show a RED FIRE LIGHT on the Fire Alarm Panel and activate the alarm. Check which call point has a broken glass, call Brighton Fire Alarms who will attend and replace the glass. Please make sure that a record of all events is written into the log book. To assist our engineer, please note which detector is displaying a small red light permanently. Please inform our engineer upon their arrival.


In the event of a fire, break the glass in the call point to activate the alarm to warn other occupants. DO NOT attempt to fight any fire at personal risk. IF IN DOUBT, GET OUT, YOU, YOUR FAMILY, OTHER RESIDENTS.



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